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Re: Tehran Threatens to use Nuclear weapons on itself...
Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Tuesday, November 15 2011, 21:53:06 (UTC)
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proliferation? Does that mean that the United States can have ten million warheads and it isn't "proliferation" because no one else has any?

And the solution is to have more of them? To allow every country on earth to have them? Will that make the world safer?

if Saddam had nuclear weapons they never would have attacked...never.

Why not? The US can strike down a plane as soon as it takes off! And what would prevent it from turning Baghdad into another Hiroshima?

but we've decided kicking the shit out of weaker people is good business

You mean the business of taking money out of the treasury to spend on wars? Then with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, especially in the Middle East, this business might become even easier. There might be cold war all over again.

Iran MUST have nuclear weapons if they want peace.

Will it stop at Iran? All countries in the region will rush to have them. Is that the road to peace?

And no one makes a "limited" bomb

Why not? They customize one according to the target.

I'll bet that if a country, or person, decided to hold the world hostage by demanding ten billion dollars to NOT set off a nuclear bomb, even on his own ass...the world would pay up quickly!

Sounds like Dr. Evil! ...and despite this you encourage all countries to have them? Won't that increase the likelihood of a crisis like the one you mentioned above? What if, for example, such a bomb ends up in the hands of a terrorist?

North Korea thumbs its nose at the West, as Saddam could have, because it has nuclear weapons

I don't think North Korea is a high priority for the west, neither would the west behave any differently towards it if it didn't have nuclear weapons... I don't know.

how come he only bombed his own people with them...why not Israel...why not let them loose on American troops?

I think he pathetically attempted to throw some bombs at Israel in 1991.

No...the only ones insane enough to use those things against women and children were Muslim nation would dream of such a thing.

So those “Christians” you are referring to have the intelligence to invent sophisticated weaponry while it is the Muslims who have the required wisdom to handle them safely?


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