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Re: Tehran Threatens to use Nuclear weapons on itself...
Posted by Arrow (Guest) - Friday, November 18 2011, 9:51:02 (UTC)
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>>A. Nuclear bombs deter countries from attacking each other.

...they have so far...

Yes, I'm not arguing against that. They do deter wars in the near future . “Near” could be any time span: 100 yrs, 200 yrs...etc.

remember, they didn't start this fight...we've forced it on them...we are the bullies of the block against whom weaker people have to defend whatever means possible.

This opens the door to another argument. In light of the fact that the industrial world is dependent entirely on oil, does it have the right, albeit limited, to interfere in the affairs of the underdeveloped countries to ensure the survival of its civilization?

I am not talking about Iraq in particular.

>>C. If every country has a nuclear bomb, the likelihood of a nuclear warfare in the future will increase.

...that hasn't been the case so far...and I doubt it ever will be...

Past behavior is a poor indicator of the future. We cannot, statistically speaking, say that a world in which 20 countries have nuclear arsenals will equal to or less likely have a nuclear warfare than a world in which only 2 out of 20 countries have them.

they're very impractical may kill your enemy but you'll devastate yourself as well.

True, which is why they avert wars in the near future. But this does not ensure that people will remain rational and that nothing will go wrong in the distant future.

What you are saying is that distant future does not matter because you don't see a rosy one and “we're slowly killing ourselves anyway”.

If you believe that countries with nuclear weapons will use them...which countries are you talking about? Right now the only Muslim nation that has them is Pakistan. Muslim nations are not the threat...they never were...

It may not a problem if one or two Muslim countries have them, but if one country after another was granted the right to develop nukes, then it will become out of control. Yes US, Russian, China... has them but the world cannot force them to destroy them, but it can prevent more and more countries from having them.... If today they allow Iran, then can they say no to the rest in the region? And then the rest of world?

So which world do we want to end up with: 2/20 or 20/20?


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