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Re: Tehran Threatens to use Nuclear weapons on itself...
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, November 15 2011, 22:23:10 (UTC)
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the older Bush brought a Kuwaiti girl to lie on TV and Americans went along. The younger Bush used wmds as his justification and provided his "evidence" to the American people and got them into war. Bush didn't care about approval ratings and went ahead and invaded Iraq anyway while Obama, with his democrats having power, was not able to do what he said he would. Saddam is dead, and didn't fire any of those weapons at us even when he was at his final moments, yet America has dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Today's nuclear weapons aren't like the bombs dropped on Japan. There is also a difference between nukes and atomic bombs. Those bombs were dropped during ww2 when the technology was not as advanced but today these things are much different and the Middle East is small, but most Americans wouldn't know that as their IQ is low. The only reason countries have them is for protection and to keep aggressors in line. I am afraid of America using them before I worry about Iran. America has made a business and profit from wars while Iran has invaded no one in centuries. Personally, these kinda weapons should be banned worldwide and those who profit from selling weapons should be guilty of crimes.

Anyone who makes and sells tanks, missiles, jets etc is looking to make a lot of money and he can only hope for wars because it will increase sales and profit. Either they ban them all, or have accept others having them too. I fully support Iran's nuke technology even if they are developing nuke missiles. If there was ever a time to have them, this is the moment. Iran is now surrounded by America from all corners and they now have a bigger reason to worry and pursue them. I say get as many as you can and you wouldn't have to fear any invasions. It seems nukes are the only thing the west fears and respects since world court doesn't seem to intimidate anyone and they only open for people of the third world.


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