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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, June 3 2011, 20:45:41 (UTC)
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Marcello, that is so true and the pro-capitalistic pigs will say "see, humans are corrupt by nature" but I don't buy that argument. Those people were only doing what they were doing because they are poor. It's an American sickness that many have. I have seen poorer Black people tell me "I love Iraq" and they get happy when White soldiers get killed in Iraq but it is partially because they are living in poor conditions. I am not saying all are like that but many of the poor will turn around quick if they get some money and improve their lives. The behavior you describes is a result of capitalism because it will make many people become greedy and want huge profits because they are poor. It takes serious discipline, and as, Karl Marx, said it takes a while to recondition a person from such mentality to one where a person no longer behaves that way. I used to work for an Assyrian who was cheating me and not paying me. I ended up working from open to close, and seven days a week while never got the money he promised. I should have quit after the first month since I knew there would be no way he would catch up and pay me for all the hours I worked. I was dumb enough to stay for 3 months and didn't get my money.

I had access to all the cash and i could have easily stole money daily. His gas station was short everyday anyway because he was taking money without telling us and using it on whatever he was doing. I didn't steal a penny from that son of a bitch Christians and many times I even threw my tips into the register without any care. I don't believe humans are greedy, evil, and all that stuff by nature but I believe those are excuses and a way for religions to stay in business. It is bullshit to believe a human is not capable of doing good on their own so they need god or religion to straighten them up. I don't steal because some asshole above the sky said so but because I don't do it. I didn't have to be taught by religion that stealing, killing, raping etc are all bad things. These are obvious things that we can come to see on our own.

Thousands of years before a Muhammad, Jesus and whoever else even existed, Hammurabi had laws which prevented people from doing those things. Society couldn't function correct if people did those crimes. Christians know that to be bullshit or else Christian giant companies which pay us minimum wage wouldn't only want honest people to work for the shitty pay. Why don't they allow us to steal, cheat and do anything we can to get rich if it's human nature? They full of shit and people who claim to be communist or leftists and then turn around and do other things are just as stupid.


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