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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, June 3 2011, 20:28:00 (UTC)
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I've personally seen how capitalism changed some of the people I was living with in Northern California, who would go at great length and potificate about an egalitarian world without exploitation and on and on... Well, this same group of hippie-militant-vegans would go to India and buy fabric for next to nothing, and use the cheap labor of the locals to make clothes which they would bring to the states and sell for fifty times - or even more - of what they spent for materials and labor. Not only that, they would participate in cultural expropriation, like taking something as meaningful as hennah mehndi, which is, as far as I know, applied when a girl is getting married, and these so-called "citizens of the world" would cheapen its cultural significance in the form of "Mehndi-Hennah Tattoos", sold at Venice or Santa Monica or Santa Cruz boardwalks for a few sweaty, dollars.


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