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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, June 3 2011, 12:16:34 (UTC)
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Think about it this way, brother Marcello, those countries that giant American capitalists have invested in are all "poor" countries. If so, why have they invested there since it's all poor anyways as they say? Those countries are poor because of a reason. They re rich in resources which are stolen and then billions are made in profits. One can ask how a people can be stupid to allow America to do that, but that's when the puppets come in to play. Puppets are payed few millions to allow the stealing to go smooth and easy. More money is given to keep the puppet in power and very little is also given to spent on the population. The money is the people's wealth of course which was stolen by some western giant. The Coca Cola company is a perfect example of this. This is a global giant and I can't think of anything bigger, yet the vast majority of the ingredients used for the drinks are taken from Africa. So it isn't an American drink but an African drink which has an American owner. Nike is another example. The shoes are made in Indonesia and other nearby nations. Poor and cheap nations. Cheap labor and the entire shoe with labor cost less than 2 dollars to make. That one pair of shoes is sold to us for 150 dollars. They pay some asshole athlete 250 million to advertise and endorse those shoes.

They can give that kind of money for advertisement but can't pay decent wages? if they weren't making that money, they would never spend that amount on advertisements and endorsements. So yes, America is stealing and there is a reason the world is fed up and almost everyone hates them. Now I know why my father used to tell me America was a dirty country which he would never step his foot on.


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