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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, June 4 2011, 8:03:07 (UTC)
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pancho wrote:
>I read recently that IKEA is taking a page from America's's cheaper for them to manufacture their goods in America at $10.00 an hour than in Sweden at something like $15.00 per hour....well at least it's "JOBS JOBS JOBS"!
>China may soon follow suit.

I am surprised IKEA hasn't thought of that earlier. They could open a plant somewhere in America where they can pay between 8 to 10 dollars per hour and save tons. In Sweden they have to pay the employees more, work them less, give them month long paid vacations, bonuses and many other benefits while they can get rid of all that in America and give them shit. Just get one of them old plants with no ac and Americans will be there at 7 AM applying for a job working 12 hour shifts for barely above minimum wage. There are a lot of German companies where my mom lives and I thought that it was because of the large German descendants that live there, but it's actually because of cheaper labor and saves them money. They couldn't get a way with that shit in Germany and it is illegal to this day to work 2 jobs over there. It isn't because they don't want you to make money but it is a safety concern. One job is enough as it is in those countries. Here you can work ten jobs if you want, and they don't mind because you won't do much anyway.

It ain't because America is great that it allows a person to work many jobs but because it won't get you nowhere and will take a toll on you after a while. When you reach 35 and feel like a 75 year old, those jobs won't be there to take care of you.


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