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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, June 3 2011, 8:40:20 (UTC)
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William Blum is a beast and i always get a kick out of him. And yes, Marcello, I heard that too. The overall populations in communist/socialistic countries are better educated than Americans. Look at the average Cuban and compare them to the average American and there is a world of difference. Cuba allows foreigners to visit their country and allows Cubans to travel elsewhere. America is suppose to be free and democratic yet Americans aren't allowed to visit Cuba.

I am getting my Soviet symbol tattoo on my hand very soon and everyone at work and around me will know what I stand for. When I was a sophmore in high school, a substitute teacher was walking around from desk to desk. He got to my desk and saw I was drawing a bunch of stuff with violence and people getting shot. He was one of those house niggas who also happened to be a reverend at his church. He saw my paper and said "holy god, what are you starting a revolution or something". The funny thing was that a week later he went to substitute at my brother's school and he recognized our last name and had told the story to him and my brother was laughing his ass off.

This is what it will take. I don't even think it would be necessary to be violent but it would take people in this country of different colors to get together and put an end to this. Don't vote, stop buying, and that would be the starting point. Let them know this game is over. Alex Jones is an idiot when he says they wanna kill all of us. Sure, they kill many but they wouldn't kill all because they need slaves and need us to cooperate. They have done a great job at brainwashing, they have build a society which can't function right, that is dumb and can't go a week without work because of poverty, and this empire is unique because it has one of the most manipulative media ever.

This empire has not only been declaring a war on others but even a war on its own people. American people are very ignorant and a good effort has been made to keep them this way. The average American doesn't travel nor can he afford to leave the country and the masters of America love it that way. They don't want American factory workers to go to Europe and see their living standards. They don't want some cashier from Wal Mart that stands on her feet all day for 7.25 per hour to go to Sweden, Germany, etc and find out cashiers there get payed way more, work less, and sit down while performing the job. I tell the slaves I work with that I wish I could pay for their tickets and let each one of them see other countries.

My uncle just came from Australia to visit and he said they even give you money every week if you have a pet. Imagine we have a country where we don't take care of humans on the streets while other countries even take care of animals. America may be the wealthiest country in the world but it is the poorest also. It is also the biggest terrorist ever and the world will never find rest or peace until it has collapsed. American empire must become like Babylonia, Assyria and other ancient empires which are only thought of when one reads a passage from the bible.


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