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Posted by Jumblat (Guest) - Tuesday, May 6 2008, 3:06:19 (CEST)
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" This is their story and their joke, yet Jumblat demands respect as a 60 something year old with a foul mouth who is ignorant, racist and low class who likes to drag family into everything. Well it is right to respect elders but it is also right that a person has self respect and earns some respect by good behavior ."


In my posts I made it clear that personally will not engage with you any more, unfortunately , you are the one who is dragging and inserting me in your discussion.

I suggest , you go your way and be happy with the religion you chose for yourself, and you DIDN'T LEAVE any chance to engage with you AS LONG AS YOU CAME UP WITH ' F- WORDS ' that believe it or not never say it to any one in my life , because of my family education, firstly from my parents, and you should be assured mentioning your MOTHER name, which is my honor to be as my mother too was not and will not in any way or ship , BUT TO REMIND WHERE I AM SURE ALL THE ASSYRIAN MOMS teach their children respect the ELDERLY, AND NOT TO CALL NAMES OR USE BAD WORDS as you did.

In any way GOD bless her, but kindly , don't mention any thing about me , you write as you are doing where I will not interfere period, but meanwhile as I stated I will write about the reality of ISLAM, and whatever is that will be sources for it even from MUSLIMS themselves.


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