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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, December 5 2011, 0:27:51 (UTC)
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"Go to Egypt, Bahrain or some other country and you will see a billboard with some white looking dude advertising a product. The asshole in teh picture is not only advertising the product but also telling you how to appear if you want to be successful and accepted. The person in the image is usually white, no facial hairs, with certain hairstyle and clothing. This is how the Pakistani and everyone else who isn't white has to resemble."

- I remember in Iran when we would go to watch American films during the Shah period, we'd all wish to become like Steve McQueen (who I still really like), and we'd act like we speak Amercan English ('yeah, yeah.. OK.. son of a bitch'). But the Revolution changed that, it broke through the false consciousness that had shaped how we viewed America from abroad.

The new Iranian wave of filmmakers were partly influenced by the Italian Neorealists, like Rossellini ("Open City"), De Sica ("The Bicycle Thief"), or later Italian directors like Pontecorvo ("The Battle of Algiers"), Antonioni ("L' Avventura"), and Bertolucci ("The Conformist"), and definitely the Greek filmmaker, Costa-Gavras ("Z").

As Assyrians, though, we coudn't accept the fact that "Abbas Agha" could make decent artistic films. How wrong we were... In fact, there is an "Abbas Agha" who is now a world renowned Iraninan director: Abbas Kiarostami ("The Taste of Cherry").

Even though, there are no more American billboards in Tehran flaunting big-breasted blonde women and tough cowboys, Americanism still resonates with some of the youth in Iran. My own cousins don't give a damn about Kiarostami films, they want to watch Bruce Willis blow shit up. They all have gone blonde (under hijab) and listen to shitty music from the US. At least when I was a kid in the 70s, I was listening to Santana and Jimi Hendrix, or watching films like "Taxi Driver" -- much more artistic and lasting than the shit that the modern music industry and Hollywood keeps pumping out.


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