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Re: "The Government"...the dirtiest words of all.....
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, March 31 2016, 2:26:55 (UTC)
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"...true, but being equal opportunity fucks the neo-cons are taking everyone down, whites included."

-- That's true. The days when Billy-Bob and Suzy-Q used to cash government checks was just dandy, good and Christian. But when Leroy and little Mrs. Henderson began to get a little help from the "guv'ment", it had to be stopped because... you know, reparations?? I've come to the conclusion that folks that vote against their own interests do so willingly and knowingly. It's a type of mentality similar to that of the house slave, who loves Massa Charley more than Massa Charley love hisself. I was reading a piece by a Marxist Filipino who said the same about most of his people (considering that the U.S. killed a few million ass-naked, machete swinging Filipinos referred to as "monkeys" by the Yankees during the 1898 Spanish-American War), most Filipinos today ---about 85% and more than any other nation--- just fuckin' love the Gringos. And this Marxist Filipino writer was making the same point by writing that Filipinos "love Americans more than Americans love themselves." The same is true with the white working class. They'd rather starve and go homeless because they can't stand to see "lazy niggers suck from the teet of the guv'ment". And they also want to score ass-kissing brownie points with the rich because they love the rich and the powerful more than they rich and powerful love themselves. This is what concerns me. These people are the Red, White and Blue shirts of the coming Fourth Reich, whether Trump wins, or not... these fucks are energized and ready to "git'us some Muzzies, niggers, fags, dikes, libtards, commies, and of course, Jews... ya' know, like that Castro-lover kike, Bernie Sanders." I'm using quotation marks because these are the types of comments I read online from Trump supporters. I have no doubt that they have real and legitimate grievances, but they are using the weak and vulnerable as scapegoats, because they are merely white house niggers. I once again highly recommend reading Erich Fromm's classic and insightful, "Escape from Freedom".


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