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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Thursday, March 31 2016, 5:10:42 (UTC)
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You are correct.

Years ago, I watched a movie called "An Unreasonable Man", which was a documentary about Ralph Nader. In the 70s, "Nader's Raiders" were a group of idealistic progressives who would regularly be invited to Senate and Congress hearings to discuss automobile safety, food safety, environmental safety, etc.

They were welcome until (you guessed it) Ronald Reagan came to power. Then, they were no longer invited to Capital Hill and their influence waned. Fortunately for them, they were able to sow the seeds for the following laws and legislation: seat belts in cars, airbags in automobiles, consumer protection in the form of product labeling, Nuclear disarmament, and "even the free ticket you get after being bumped from an overbooked flight".

FUCK RONALD REAGAN, the actor-turned-president. LONG LIVE RALPH NADER and his legacy! Ralph Nader is one of my heroes, I look up to him for inspiration.

pancho wrote:
>...starting with Reagan, after neo-cons saw that regulations were coming, regulations meant to save the environment and our health and for the People's benefit, the now decades-old battle and vilification of "The Government" began...neo-cons, like Reagan spoke of "The Government" as if it was an alien entity imposed on if it was a Tyranny when, in accordance with what they would go on to do, by "The Government" what they really meant was us, the people from whom the government comes, and not just for our votes but for actual representation by non-millionaires. It was the beginning of making people work against their best interests and for the interests of the wealthy few.
>...till then we were proud of... "Government by the People and of the People and for the People" other words WE are "The Government" and what they were really doing and teaching us to do, was turn on ourselves...act as if we were NOT The Government but the oppressed BY the Government and they, the wealthy few, were really our saviors and best friends....hence that patent nonsense of "Trickle Down" and "Tax cuts will pay for themselves" and of course, the granddaddy of them all..."We will make you safe".
>We, the People, are supposed to be the Government but it's been taken from us by the wealthy and turned into an instrument of our oppression and disenfranchisement, which we've been furthering all along in the silly belief that if only the rich get richer they'll take care of us....Bill Gates will pay for health care and not us....through our taxes....which is also the reason we're all encouraged to if there is no remedy for what ails us except some Spook in the sky we have to beg and fear and love, somehow.
>Neo Cons have made us hate ourselves....whenever you see the words "government" as in, "the government can't do anything right"...and "the government is helpless and wasteful and inefficient"...just take out the word "government" and replace it with "the People"...and you'll see what we've allowed to be done to us.
>What we're really saying is WE are useless...and WE can't so anything right etc.
>Self-loathing, self-denigration, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence...this is what we are promoting against ourselves and our children...even self-hatred as we're convinced that it has all been OUR failures, of character, of morals, of decency, of a work ethic, which has brought this country so low that now Trump, the epitomy of all these neo-con forces but stripped of the mask, is peddling himself and his class to us as the ones who will make America GREAT (again), when they're the ones who made themselves greatly richer at our expense and brought us so low.


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