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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 1:21:12 (CET)
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I really don't understand why these guys are so against their own history.
First off belly dancing which in the West evolved into an exotic and exploited strip tease show has its origin in the temples of our Goddess Ishtar.
The ancient priestesses would writhe their bodies in the form of a snake. The dance of the 7 veils is influenced by Ishtar's descent through the 7 gates of the netherworld to rescue her lover Tammuz from the netherworld.
Belly dancing traces its origins back to our ancient Babylonian ancestors, who incidently were not Christians.
The modern day descendants of the ancient Babylonians the Arabs do not see this dance as foreign and have embraced it as their own.
Unlike them however we tend to "cherry pick" our ancestors from our ancient family tree, removing any non-Christian branches, while simultaneously lumping all their achievements into our one Assyrian basket.


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