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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 7:15:40 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>You're absolutely right.. I'm waiting to hear the Tea party types begin screaming about Islamo-Marxist-Trade-Unionists (if they already haven't). Man, we were scared shitless in Iran to wear red and black, or allude to anything that was left. Don't you remember Mike Wallace's interview with the Shah, the close-up on the "King of Kings" when he responded to Wallace's question to why he ordered the death of the young students, and the cold response was "because they were Marxists"? I'm surrounded by Iranian Royalists here in the west side of LA, with their fucking bullshit "Aryan" claims and anti-Semitism (Jews and Arabs). They remind me of Cubans or Chileans I used to argue with who missed the days of Batista and Pinochet. Fuckin' inbred, sadistic, dellusional Fascists!

Most of the Iranians I have met in the US are the way you described them. Sometimes I even wonder if they are Muslim because they say things that many Atheists wouldn't go that far. right too about the "Aryan" thing and that's why the country was changed to "Iran". There is a reason why David Duke, the former kkk boss, went to Iran and loved it. Of course it's a beautiful country and great history but I don't like them aryan types. Armenians have a lot of those kind too. If I had to pick between the Shah and the current regime, I probably take the latter because those Aryans seem very inhumane to me. They also remind me of them Kemalist Turks who for some reason still claim to be Muslim(I don't get why they still wanna be considered as such) and say some unbelivable shit.

Did you know that Dr Oz is Turkish? He was talking about his Muslim faith and I was puzzled after the interview and it seemed like he did everything he could to distant himself from Islam when he was showing how important Islam to him is lol. But I had to remember that he has a popular TV show and he wouldn't have it if he were Muslim. We didn't see brother Malcolm have his own TV show and especially not after he came back from Hajj.


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