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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 23:15:15 (UTC)
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Growing up all the talk was about the "Iglisnaye", both hateful and envious. We were told they fucked us over, but we also tried to imitate them and be like a "lord". In my case, and no disrespect to my or anyone's family, it came from a narrow, uneducated, village mentality. Had my grandparents been educated, they would have seen through the bullshit and lived the best life possible among Muslim, Jews and other Iranians. Instead, we made ourselves like refugees, in transit, waiting to go back to ... where? Iran was good for Assyrians, many lived very good lives. Many still live fairly well there. Nobody's harrassing them or hunting them down. Not to my knowledge.

Something about Iranians: lot of round about bullshit in the language and the way people communicate. There's the famous "Taruf" which translates in many different ways. For instance, the Persian girl saying she really wants to come to America is really saying "come get me and take me to America". Sometimes I like fucking with the Persians and bluff their taruf, "No, I'm paying" Ok, go head. Meanwhile the guy's broke, not a dime in his pocket.


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