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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 6:15:48 (UTC)
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You're absolutely right.. I'm waiting to hear the Tea party types begin screaming about Islamo-Marxist-Trade-Unionists (if they already haven't). Man, we were scared shitless in Iran to wear red and black, or allude to anything that was left. Don't you remember Mike Wallace's interview with the Shah, the close-up on the "King of Kings" when he responded to Wallace's question to why he ordered the death of the young students, and the cold response was "because they were Marxists"? I'm surrounded by Iranian Royalists here in the west side of LA, with their fucking bullshit "Aryan" claims and anti-Semitism (Jews and Arabs). They remind me of Cubans or Chileans I used to argue with who missed the days of Batista and Pinochet. Fuckin' inbred, sadistic, dellusional Fascists!


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