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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 16:11:47 (UTC)
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The Iranian thing is this, and I'm only describing the wealthy Royalists that I've met. They say, "we are Aryan, that is, we used to be blonde and blue-eyed Europians until the dirty Arabs, Monglos, Turks, and all other dark skinned, backward Muslims raped and looted us of our rich history." This is historically true, I guess, but who fuckin' cares? I don't. It annoys me!! I remember being admired for being "white" as opposed to my brother and cousins who were regarded as "dark" and not given the same treatment and respect as me. I clearly remember an older Iranian woman saying "I wish I was white like you". What ever.. anyway, here's an interesting piece I read yesterday on race in the Mid East:


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