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Re: The Inauguration of White Supremacy Posted on Jan 20, 2017 By Juan Cole
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, January 26 2017, 21:24:25 (UTC)
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That's right, Rashad. The Nazis saw the Slavs as Untermenschen ("subhumans") as did the sophisticated German Jews who viewed the Ostjuden ("Eastern Euro Jews") as uncouth, dirty and expendable. I'm reading a book called, "Revolutionary Yiddishland", which is quite amazing so far. The lost world of Yiddishland was one which incorporated the socialist, communist and anarchist Jews (many of whom were liquidated in the camps), but fortunately the survivors who lived in Israel fill the pages of this book with amazing stories. Books regarding Jews have mainly focused on the Zionist bourgeoisie... not the communist fighters and Partisans who fought to the last drop of blood against fascism. I recommend.

Also... (this has to do with Trump and Assyrians), my family is fighting one-another... on one side are Assyrians who voted for Trump and keep barking about how demonstrators should be treated as "terrorists" for burning the flag (which is protected by our First Amendment, just as Nazi hate speech is... even though I don't personally like the burning of flags, effigies, and vandalism of corporate businesses and banks... why? It's a stupid tactic which gives those in power reason to further repress the citizens' rights to dissent). Ironically, the Assyrians who voted for Trump now have to deal with his refusal to allow visas for the nations that we bombed and destroyed (except for Iran, for now) which also includes Assyrians attempting to make it over here. Muy estupido, mi gente! But you get what you wished for, pendejos!


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