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Re: The Inauguration of White Supremacy Posted on Jan 20, 2017 By Juan Cole
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, January 21 2017, 23:36:40 (UTC)
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-- On Pacifica Radio (KPFA in Berkeley and KPFK in Los Angeles) an African professor analyzed Trump's speech and the "America First" motif (and refrain) defining the concept of Trump's "America" as nothing more than the "white redneck base" who blindly voted him into office. Of course, when his base realize that he conned them and cannot deliver on his promises, they will wrongly place the blame on those who are vulnerable: Muslims, Mexicans, Black Lives Matter, Third-Wave Feminists, the LGBTQIA community, artists, leftists, etc. I'm afraid that we are heading toward another civil war, or "Northern Aggression", as it's called by most Southerners; in addition to, a wider world war against China and Iran... Russia could be fickle and depending on what kind of deal Trump offers them, they may turn on their Asian comrades who saved their economy when the Ruble dropped do to Saudi Arabia dropping oil prices... at the behest of their protector, the U.S. I wonder what Hitchens would have written if he were alive regarding Trump. But, I certainly know what former KKK Imperial Wizard, David Duke thinks... (I don't like this guy, by the way.)

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Says Trump Will ‘Go to War' for Whites

Jan. 20, 2017

White nationalist David Duke claimed Trump will "go to war for us against the vicious anti-white, racist establishment, for all Americans."
Despised racist David Duke celebrated President Trump's inauguration as a win for white supremacy.

In a blog posted Friday, the former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan showered praise on Trump, thanking the "commander in chief" for recognizing "white people" in his first speech as president.

"This most important speech for the first time included us, the American majority by name: 'White people,'" Duke wrote.

"This election victory will be known to future generations at our time when our race is saved," he continued. "They will see this date: January 20, 2017 as the beginning of the revolution that will save our people and insure the future of our children!"

The ill-famed white nationalist claimed Trump will take a stand on immigration and "go to war for us against the vicious anti-white, racist establishment, for all Americans."

In the celebratory blog post, Duke maintained Trump owed his ascent to the White House to the support of white nationalists.

"Without us he could not have won. Without us he can not survive. And without us, as we all know, that the America as conceived by our forefathers can't survive," he wrote.

President Trump has been heavily criticized for introducing racist, anti-migrant rhetoric into the highest echelons of the political mainstream.

During the election campaign, he was publicly endorsed by Duke and other white supremacists, and since being elected, hate crimes against minorities have risen sharply.

Duke's glowing praise comes amid growing concerns that a Trump presidency will lead to increased segregation and the persecution of minority groups.


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