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Re: The Inauguration of White Supremacy Posted on Jan 20, 2017 By Juan Cole
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, January 25 2017, 20:51:03 (UTC)
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David Duke is a good example of no matter how educated and carefully speaking a white supremacist is, he will always be a racist and foolish. This guy goes on about some bullshit as if white people are disadvantaged and persecuted in a country and world that is dominated by white men. He says white people are a minority worldwide because of lower population but he fails to see that they still dominate like the majority. He uses bogus stats and makes all kinds of silly claims while completely rewriting history. We know what comes with white power and it's why it's hates and illegal. His complaint about black power and minorities is that of a rapist complaining about female victim who kicked him in the testicles while being raped.

The funniest is when he talks about jews being against whites even though they're white themselves. He regards them as a race of people and not a religion. He says jews control and own everything but then he uses Twitter and Facebook. He says jews hate America but then brags about our military might. At the end of the day, no racist claims to be one. They're all in denial even though their actions show otherwise. And this dweeb thinks a wall will solve the immigration problem and protect white people . This guy is educated, has taught in universities, has degrees and even been in office in Louisiana but he's still about as smart as the trailer trash who drinks beer and has tattoo.

White privilege is real and racism was always alive and well. He knows something that liberals don't and it's the myth this country was founded for all people and he's right it was founded for wealthy white people to exploit The rest and freedom for all is a myth.


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