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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, July 3 2011, 22:08:09 (UTC)
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..we almost require a new and separate word to describe what Israelis have and are doing to the Palestinians...the word would have to emcompas

a. Brutalization a people by people who have most recently been brutalized themselves.

b. Claiming a homeland, or anything, while denying others the exact same thing.

c. Committing an injustice against those (Muslims) who treated you (Jews) justly and on behalf of those (Christians) who denied you justice.

d. Seizing land from those who didn't seize any from you as opposed to seizing it from those who did.

e. Justifying your violence against "innocent others" while decrying the infliction of injustice, and not by those "innocent others" either, against you.

f. Having been blamed as a victim, blaming those you victimize....

...or how about Hypocrites?


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