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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 21:48:38 (UTC)
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I remember this Assyrian asshole posting the "I am sorry" by this Australian and was trying to tell us, "there" they said it. These same sons of bitches and bastard children, who don't know if their biological fathers are English or Suraye, want not only an apology from Muslims, but they want them to pack and go away while leaving all of Iraq for them. Christians from Europe traveled tens of thousands of miles from their homes to exploit, kill and capture new lands which belonged to darker skinned peoples. They have done this in recent centuries on top of it all, yet our assholes see nothing wrong about this. Muslims did not travel from thousands of miles away to steal Assyria, and when Islam came, there was no Assyria nor Assyrians anymore.

Muslims have also never done what Whites have done to the indigenous of Australia, North America, South America and wherever else they have gone. Muslims are indigenous to Iraq, Syria, etc but White people are not so in Australia and many other places. It's also a hypocrisy for these Iraqi Christians to run to stolen lands and then make demands. These Suraye(I can't call them Assyrians) live it up in Australia, Canada and the USA. They live in large homes and own businesses, properties etc. How can they ask their Christian brethren, who are criminals, to give them a piece of Iraq? what right do the British or Americans have to hand out lands in first place? Lands that don't even belong to them to begin with.

Muslims aren't foreigners in Iraq no matter what Aprim says just as Serbs weren't foreigners in Kosovo. All Iraqis are indigenous so nobody has special rights. Everyone must obey the law and play by the rules. Iraqis have never done to these Christians what the Whites have done to Natives and others. Americans have killed more Christians in Iraq than Muslims have. If the sanctions killed over 30,000 Christian children, and not to mention adults, how many have Muslims killed? And when Muslims have killed a Christian in Iraq, what was the reason for it? Throwing people in jail for breaking the law isn't persecution but justice. You take up arms, cause trouble and violence and encourage others to commit crimes against the country, you can bet on it that you'll either end up behind bars or possibly even hurt and killed.

I guess Iraqis don't have the right to ask Christians to obey the laws beacuse Aprim feels he is under no obligation to take orders from darker people and who aren't Christians. But if a White man fucks his sister in front of him, he will probably bring all the women of his family along as well. They can go fuck themselves and beg all they want to.


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