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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 18:34:49 (UTC)
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I still think it is dishonest and inaccurate to call this a holocaust.....that one word, like "genocide" was coined in the modern era to specifically explain specific incidents...both of which had to do with what Christians did to Jews. "Genocide" was born in 1947 and "Holocaust" at about the same time and both referred exclusively to the period 1939-45 and the industrialization of mass murder.

It takes away from the horribleness of those two events to go back in history and apply them willy nilly whenever something "bad" or "very bad" happened.

That's not to take away from what the Christians did to the natives of they way, what did THEY call their land...but if everything becomes genocide, then what's left to describe the worst case scenario...a very BAD genocide?

Further "Holocaust" is capitalized in the dictionary, which means it refers to one specific incident and until Christians bring the world another one, it should remain so.

You'll notice that in all modern instances of genocide and Holocaust it is the Christians who do these things...sure, our nationalists try to pin this charge on the Muslims, but as with all their claims: there is no evidence, just their wishes.

Even if you admit that these acts were committed by "bad" or "not true" Christians...find me an instance when "bad" Muslims have done such things?

If 700,000 starved to death Iraqi babies is a "justifiable policy" as Madelene Allbright said about the effects of Sanctions...then 9/11 is equally justifiable....war is hell.


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