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Re: The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, April 25 2014, 12:10:14 (UTC)
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I remember all them horror stories from my aunt who heard from others and it would make my blood boil and then I would listen to Evan Aghassi and wanna go out in the streets of Berlin and shoot every Turk I seen. I had so much hatred for Muslims and was blinded by hatred, ignorance and prejudice. After all these were the people who murdered my great grandfather and left my grandpa an orphan. It was only later that I found out that he actually had a good life under the ottomans and even received a monthly income of 12 gold coins from the government. He joined the Armenians and Russians and for this he was killed. Sure, some Turkish soldiers may have committed murder and killed innocent but so did the Christians and they did it before the turks got a hold of them. The Assyrians in urmia lived together with Azeri and others without problems for centuries. It wasn't until the ass holes from hakarri arrived and started spreading animosity and started killing Azeri people for no reason.

If Assyrians had remained loyal to Turks, I don't think they would have been killed and if the Turks had still murdered them without cause, then one could argue it was a genocide. But the Christians living in larger Turkish cities and in the western part of the country were not harmed and their churches remained open. The thing that pisses me off is how they mention that turks killed Christians and that's true but then the same ass holes like Aprim will say it was for no reason other than jihad. That word never came out of the mouths of the young Turks. This is bullshit and I'm sure Aprim or any if these sons of bitches ever heard the word until after 9/11 and from Fox "news". If someone cab show real evidence that the ottoman Turks intented to wipe out Christians, I will accept it but there hasn't been any. The telegrams supposedly sent by the Pasha was a fabrication by Christians and that's admitted by Christians themselves. If there was so much evidence, Armenians wouldn't be running from debating nor would they assassinate people for not believing it. People are forced to accept it and some historans only do it because they are afraid of ruining their reputation. It is accepted blindly and the tens of thousands of Turks murdered by Christians are totally ignored. Assyrian nationalists, as silly as they are, tell me they died because of starvation and cold but not the Christians. The Christians were just innocent and killed for no reason by Muslims. As I have said before, this wouldn't even be an issue today if the Turks were all Christians but because Turks are Muslims, this is brought up and with no regard for accuracy. I'm guessing the atheist Turkish nationalists are all full practicing Muslims with beards who havr memorized the entire Qur'an and were following instructions from it.

This is so ridiculous and I hate repeating myself and writing so much about this topic every time it is brought up again but I can't help it even though my hands hurt from typing. Now I need to smoke and ease my pain. Shalom elechem, oh wait that's Hebrew, I better stop before Christians call me anti senetic.


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