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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 17 2017, 13:54:08 (UTC)
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...this is less than the sort of insightful analysis you usually get from Nader.

...all of the flaws and reasons he points to are valid...but there is one which apparently is too much even for Nader...and that is that the United States absolutely needs enemies....and since the dreaded Commies are gone, Islamic whatevers have taken their place.'s so damn obvious that when you kill the children, the parents become your enemies and vice versa....the Nazis also found out the hard way that harsh rule and occupation breeds the case of the Nazis, however, they didn't WANT our case, we NEED resistance fighters and an underground which, like the French, vows to get us out of their country whatever the cost.

...what do Americans say when they are attacked? They swear they will fight back to the last man and woman and child too if is it then that we can't see, or won't, that other people have that basic drive.....what do we think is going to happen in countries we ravage for years? That the people will simply give in to us? really? can defeat an army, but you'll never defeat a people, you'll just make them stronger and more determined not to let you win...and we KNOW that.

Yes, it's true, everything he says is true....but there is one other factor no one seems ready to own up to...and that is that we need to keep producing enemies...without the enemies the American people might begin to challenge our warmongers...but with ever new and expanding numbers of enemies, everything is possible....war jobs, war profits, war elections, keep-us-safe credit card wars...all of it depends on enemies....and the way we fight these sorts of wars makes it clear the object is not to "win" but to continue sacking our own Treasury for the benefit of warmongers who could find no other way to make such immense profits.

I wish Nader, of all people, would admit it.


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