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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, February 22 2013, 7:04:16 (UTC)
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I don't pay attention to everything Jones has to say, but he tends to bring someone I like on his show or he'll cover something good. But that's rare and he usually quickly turns back into this crazy guy and obsessed with new world order or "the government wants to kill us" stuff. He's finally learning that it's the owners of big companies, bankers, capitalists, etc. I like him to stop listening to the team-party ducks and stop wasting his time with the other bands. He always has to bring the whole "demonic" and illuminati stuff into everything. The other night he had me going when I saw John Perkins on there but then he reverted back to the government wants to kill us all so they can live on this earth alone. My weed addict brother seems to fall for it too, and I was forced to ask him who would be the consumers and work for the capitalists if they kill everyone? They seem to forget about this. Other than this garbage, he's not bad.


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