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Re: The Mohamed URINE is very healthy to be drinked
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Tuesday, February 24 2009, 20:55:09 (CET)
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No question that there are in ISLAM a lot of things to be very strange , the irony is that still you find people who believe in such silly teachings.
As I was going through , I found this , which makes you to be frozen in your place , it is about a woman that woke up at night and was very thirsty , she found In a pottery container looks like water, so she drunk the water.
In the morning , the lady told the prophet/ for sure MOHAMED, that she was that thirsty she drunk the water. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم it means GOD pray on him ,( because he needs that), smiled and said that it was my URINE , but DON'T YOU WORRY it is very healthy and you will be blessed .

Mr. Assyrian Muslim, did you drink your prophet's urine ? if not you better do before it is too late. Then if you die you will go to HELL!
NOTE: these information are taken from MUSLIM website which is below , please read it if you know Arabic number 28 >



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