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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, December 20 2007, 15:24:29 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>There's something terribly obscene in the Congress voting yet another subsidy, this time 70 billion, on top of two trillion already, to conduct a war against the people of Iraq, who everyone in America knows were innocent of any hostile action towards the United States...and hear our assholes lamenting for 700,000 Christians killed in Turkey 80 years ago!

Turkey supposedly killed 700,000 Christians and yes maybe they did sort of over react but the incident was also fueled by the actions of those Christians in Turkey. As you have always pointed out and the various books written by real historians and scholars show how Christians and others always lived good throughout the entire Ottoman era. They crying like a bunch of slaves for "recognition" by America, yet they had more than that under the Muslims. Did they forget the "millet system" which they enjoyed under Muslims until close to ww1? They want Turkey to appologize and admit they committed a genocide yet ignore that 700,000 Iraqi Civilians have died in the past 4 years alone. Another at least 1 million dies due to the sanctions from 1991 of which most were children, and they want recognition from Turkey? Are all human lives sacred or only those Christians who died at the hands of non Christians? the day the American government appologizes and repays the the various nations, and peoples that they have devestated, then they can require Turkey to do the same.

The Japanese Air Force had attacked 1 navy ship in Hawaii and in response the U.S. dropped 2 atomic bombs on helpless Japanese civilians although the perl harbor attack was provoked by America. The excuse for the atomic bombs was "we were at war with an enemy" and Turkey has the same right in that case. Turkey was betrayed and conspired against by the Christians who were living in the eastern Turkish region of the land and their government responded with the same way anyone else would do at the time. If America and Britain is justified with their acts, why is it illegal for Turkey to do the same? I remember hearing stories from my grandfather who was about 13 years old during the genocide and he use to tell how after we were caught helping the westerners, the Turkish government felt betrayed by us. He told us the story of how Turkish soldiers would come and seize all the adult or men of military ages and take them away to be executed and his own father(my great grandfather) was one of those. He was also involved in helping the enemies of Turkey but they didn't kill my grand father or any of his young sieblings or his mother. However, my grandfather used to also tell how in or around 1922 how the assyrian leviis used to kick the doors in and slaughter Turkish women and everything that got in its hands. So both sides have lost people and suffered but it isn't worse than what America, Britiain, Germany, France or any other western nations have done elsewhere.

It seems only to be a tragedy when it is Christians dying at the hands of non Christians, but they ignore how others feel. Have they ever thought about how the Japanese suirvivors feel? what about the millions of natives that were slaughtered all over north ans south America by Christians just for refusing conversions and changes? what about the millions of African slaves that were lost during the process, or the millions of Europeans both pagans, Christians and non Christians who were slaughtered and killed fpr being either "heretics", refusing "baptism" or being "Jewish"? And now the most recent atrocities committed by the government of the United States and the United Nations against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? don't they suffer too? in front our very eyes they murder millions of ppl presently as we speak and over the past 2 decades alone they have killed more people and our so called "direct descendants" of the ancient Assyrians want "recognition" and an appology by the Turkish government?

>They want an apology and "recognition" for a "crime" from Tuekey...while America apologizes to no one and continues this 17 year war of State Sponsored Terror against people the whole world knows are innocent.

Seriously, I don't know how it works for these people. Do they think that the United States, Britain or the United Nations is going to help them get what they don't even give to others? since when have minorities been cared for by these western powers? do they grant the Natives what they desire, or do they pay reperations to the African Americans, Natives and others they have terrorized? so why all of the sudden they are expected to be helpful? do these idiots never learn from their errors? They voluntered their asses in the front lines of the British armies and fought against the same people who took care of them and protected them under its beautiful system, yet they are shocked to get punished for their own actions? Then after that they are welcomed to Iraq by the Iraqi government and they want to play tough guys again and now they complain of another genocide. If they continue with tis sort of strategy and mentality, they are not gonna make it for another 20 years. Their newer generations in the west are so westernized that in a short period of time they are going to be erased. It still always makes me wonder why it is such big deal for an Assyrian Christian to have Muslim friends or have an Arabic name, yet it is no problem to have the name "Robert" "steve" or "William" yet it is haraam to be named "samir" or "saad". They have no problem with the majority of their people who have become "westernized" and can't even speak their language any more but it is horrible to be attracted or influenced by "Arabs" or use Arabic words from time to time.

Of course the answer to the above questions all go back to their bigotry , racism and their religious fueled hatred toward Muslims. To this day they refer to the Muslims who were welcomed as "libirators" by the Christians of Mesopotamia as "invaders". I wish that our real Assyrians those who were Ashurists would have resisted this roman paganized version of Judaism and been able to hold firm until the Muslims came, they would have been better off. But they were forced to convert and the few that survived were pretty much rejected. They are more pissed off when they come to find out that the greater number of both Nestorians and Mesopotamians in general came to embrace Islam as they saw that it's teachings were not of a new religion like Christianity. There was an Assyrian scholar who had embraced Islam and he was known as "Ibn Ashuri".

>It must seem to Iraqis and Turks as well like the Christian world has gone insane.

Sure is.


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