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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Friday, November 23 2007, 0:47:01 (CET)
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Ameen to that. I read that in a book once about how the Assyrians could be tough and were brave in battle while at the same time good hearted and merciful. A perfect example was king Essarhadon who had a love for arts and other great things. He was soft hearted and kind, yet he proved his bravery when provoked just as quick. Just as they smere ancient Assyria and only try to remember them as barabaric and brutal beasts, they do the same to Muslims. Whenever one is affraid and jealous at the success of their enemy, they'll try everything to smere them. It is obvious that this nasty behavior toward Islam which today's Assyrians have is clearly a church thing or I should say a religious thing. If it were not for the propganda, lies and myths that the priests and heads of their churches have fabricated, why would they hate Islam? I mean why don't they hate Hinduism, Buddism and or any other of the various world religions? the answer is simple.

The other religions didn't have the success that Islam had nor are they a threat to Christianity. Islam is obviously Christianity's biggest threat and competitor and they have tried everything to keep up. I was amazed at how I witnessed Christian missionaries actually going to the low extend of manipulating, lying and paying people off in order to gain conversions. The success of Islam both in the past and presently is so amazing that there are Christians who have even written about it.


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