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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, June 24 2011, 18:03:32 (UTC)
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Well said, Rashad, and you're welcome Jeffrey.. A little side story about Hemingway: According to his friends and family he was undoubtedly troubled, and toward his last days suffered from extreme paranoia - always thinking that someone's after him. I only wonder how far he was pushed into madness because of his unique relationship to the underdog, from the stance he took during the Spanish Civil War - in solidarity with the Spanish Anarchists - and later with the Cuban revolutionaries. I don't question that he "blew his brains out into the orange juice" as the late poet, Charles Bukowski, put it, but after reading this article, I only wonder what hidden forces added to his fragile state of mind and drove him deeper into paranoia, madness and suicide.


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