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Re: The legacy of the Crusades in contemporary Muslim world
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, December 31 2016, 6:07:19 (UTC)
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-- Some important and insightful quotes from the article:

a) "Bernard Lewis thought that Muslims are too obsessed with the Crusades; Orientalists often complain that Arabs are too historical-minded."
(That Bernard Lewis guy again!)

b) "The Crusades were not a passing event in world history. It was an official, divinely argued attempt to eradicate a religion and a civilisation due to religious bigotry - and also for economic reasons that were disguised behind religious rhetoric." (Hitchens, you old bag of dank whiskey farts... what have you got to say to this, ya' Limey cunt!)

c) "Western governments always want Arabs and Muslims to forget and forgive Western wars and military campaigns against Arabs and Muslims, regardless of whether they were from the 11th century or from 2003. It is all too convenient for Western governments and commentators to wish that Arabs would erase their memories." (NO comment.)

d) "Western bombing and occupation of Arab and Muslim lands still adheres to the bigoted rhetoric of the Crusades; and sovereignty of Arabs in their own countries is of little significance to Western governments." (Galloway, you said all of this... and you keep saying it.)

e) "The notion that the basis of Arab resentment against the West is purely religious is a deliberate attempt by Western governments to deny responsibility for their wars and actions in the region." (Back to the bullshit Bernard Lewis spewed in an English accent... so every one took him seriously and not one person challenged him... no wait... there was a challenge... it was from Columbia Prof. Edward Said... laid out in his 1978 book, "Orientalism".)

f) "Historical events last or vanish depending on their relations to modern realities. No Arabs today hold grudges against the Mongols, for example. The political salience of the Crusades is related to the ability of average Muslims to see resonance from the times of the Crusades in the rhetoric and behaviour of Western governments." (Ahh... read the entire piece in full... it's on-point.)


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