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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 2 2014, 14:22:34 (UTC)
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...we're seeing something unprecedented in world affairs....the United States is failing badly, by which I mean failing its people, not its billionaires...and no system can sustain itself as top-heavy as this country has become...but, at the same time, we're subjected to the slickest propaganda ever...I mean EVER....this taxes people's awareness of reality....and we can see that a good portion of the people have simply given up on know, FACTS?

...America is the slickest Fascist country of them all....and the proof is that people believe they are anything BUT Fascist....somehow, well we know how; the people have decided their best interests can be served by doing the best for millionaires and businesses and corporations. They've bought the notion that if a millionaire does well, they will do well and that this is the ONLY way they will ever do well; living off the crumbs supposedly falling their way rather than seize any kind of initiative themselves...people are encouraged to "pray" call on that myth in the sky to solve their problems for them...God and Millionaires are supposed to save us....


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