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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Wednesday, May 17 2017, 5:39:52 (UTC)
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May the Dear Lord Sweet Jesus God Bless TRUMP.


pancho wrote:
>...they are the same mind-set, so to speak, as Evangelicals....they believed in Trump the same way they believe in evidence necessary and easy to fool....losing "faith" in Trump will be as hard for them as losing faith in Jesus, even though neither ever really did anything for them, except make them "feel good".
>...there is no evidence Jesus existed or if he did, walked on water...doesn't matter...people NEED to believe such a person existed AND that he "Loves ME"....same with Trump...he never did anything for anyone but himself, but his believers need to believe a Billionaire cares for ME.
>That's why it's so hard on the poor idiots to see Trump for what he is...cause then they might see Jesus for what HE is.
>...people keep "wondering" why Trump prefers Putin and China and Turkey and Beloruss to more democratic people and places...why the love affair with dictator thugs...that's easy; cause he knows he can MAKE MONEY in those sorts of regimes......


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