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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, February 18 2011, 8:54:03 (UTC)
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My former neighbors were from Kentucky.. They took me to a party one night telling me how cool their friends are, until I realised their friends were bunch of racist skinheads. Shortly after that, I caught the guy sitting outside my door on the steps smoking meth.. what really did it for me was when he asked me what I thought about "niggers" and started talking about how a black man with lesser qualifications is his manager at work.. Man, was I glad when these fuckers moved away.

I know a few brothas on the street that gettin' down in they histry studyin' Egypt.. Again, my only problem with these fellas is that they hate Jews..

Nothing gets me more alert and vigilant than being around white christians. I've been on the shady streets of East Oakland, West Oakland, South Central L.A., East L.A, but when I was in a small town in Northern California where I was the only non-white among the crackers, I was always walking around with a blade in my pocket looking over my shoulders.

Don't get me wrong I have white friends, but they're mostly hippies and listen to Arabic, Persian, Indian music and travel to the East often. Some of my girlfriends were white... the best of them were Latin. sabor!!


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