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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, February 6 2011, 3:26:22 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:

>(By the way, is there a "Seyfo Industry", yet?)

Yeah there is and has been for few decades now. The Assyrian numbers have gone up ever since the "genocide" took place and so have Armenians, Greeks and everyone else wanting sympathy. The difference between Assyrians and Jews, the latter actually suffered a genocide while the former only received prosecution. There is a big difference between persecution and prosecution. Sedition is a crime in any western country so Assyrians are not special when they were thrown in jail because they were making demands and saying things like "this is my land and you need to go back to Arabia". Native Americans had their lands taken by Whites and everyone knows it, yet has nothing to say about it. The day Assyrians receive Iraq, is the day they give their homes in Modesto to Natives and Whites do the same.

Assyrians have no problem with moving to USA, Canada, and Australia, yet they know those lands were stolen from others and the native populations were mass murdered. Arabs didn't mass murder the Christians of Mesopotamia but actually protected them and gave them good jobs within the government. The Ottomans did the same until our boys, as always, volunteered to fight in front lines against the Turks on behalf of Russians, British etc. They got their asses kicked as a result of that and they been crying "genocide" ever since.


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