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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, February 6 2011, 0:53:28 (UTC)
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Finkelstein's a great fighter. In the boxing game there are brawlers and boxers: the brawler battles it out with great emotion, strength and will; whereas the boxer uses a vast palette of punches, technique and intelligence. Norman keeps hitting the opponent with the pugilist's initial punch, the jab - setting up the opponent for a combination ending the foe in a knockout (remember Ali's jab?) But as usual, like any opponent who gets hit with the first blow and knows he doesn't even have a puncher's chance to win, Norman's challengers do what dirty fighters do: they hold, hit below the belt, head-butt, and use all sorts of dirty tricks including using "loaded gloves" (plaster that hardens with sweat on the fighter's handwrap). Finkelstein encompasses the seething fury and will of a brawler underneath an array of technique and intelligence (logic and historical facts), never pulling any punches or pushing for any apologies. Every ethnic group needs a Norman.

(By the way, is there a "Seyfo Industry", yet?)


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