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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, June 8 2011, 19:21:18 (UTC)
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"Given the urgency, it seems to me individuals are limited in what they can do and that collective action is required.

Individuals acting consciously as members of society and collectives is what we need. The two things we need that everyone can do are, first, a shift in the mind. If these wars are wars in the mind, then the place to make peace is in the mind, peace with nature and peace with each other. Creating living economies, a movement we've tried to build through Navdanya here, local living economies, but a movement that's very strong in the U.S., is something people can start engaging in today. If they don't, they will have nowhere to turn to. Our calculations show that even though global corporations have the power to reach the last resource, they only have the power to generate employment for 3 percent of humanity. You can't have a system where 100 percent of resources are owned by probably 15 to 20 corporations, and 3 percent are hired for them to do the stealing of the planetary wealth. So you need to have other ways for people to look after themselves.

You cannot do that individually. You can begin the shift in your mind, but framing other economies and framing other ways of structuring society has to be a collective enterprise, because [what was killed by the privatization of the economy was a very collective identity, the identity that we are interconnected]. And Margaret Thatcher saying, "There is no society, there is only individuals," is part of that market individualism of atomizing us, making us lonely, isolating, and telling us we have nowhere to turn.

Just like Evo Morales removed the censorship on the rights of Mother Earth, India is a civilization based on the recognition of the Earth as a living system, as our living support, and peace with the Earth as our duty".


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