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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 15 2010, 15:57:13 (UTC)
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..and you are not heeding Orwell´s warning about the dangers of "new and improved" definitions for words....genocide was coined because of the Holocaust, not because of what Turks did to Shabaks in was created to cover not just the usual pogroms and massacres Germans and other Christians had been subjecting Jews to for came into being because something new was added to the usual stuff....and that was a government-sponsored, mechanized, industrialized effort to round up ALL members of one RELIGIOUS group wherever they werre and whatever the amount of "Jewish blood" in them, for extermination soley BECAUSE of their religion and for NO OTHER REASON..for no crime or alleged crime, for no rebellion or acts of disobedience and NOT in time of least not a war brought to them but one they instigated.

That was the reason a totally new word was coined...because THIS was totally new. What you, and the new UN are defining as genocide is the same old same old that Christians had been practising for centuries...if that´s all it was there was no need for an entirely new word to describe the horror of it al..."pogrom" or "massacre" or "mass murder" or anything else in use till that one event would have sufficed.

That alone, the fact that genocide was never even thought of, let alone applied to what the Turks allegedly did, should tip you off...and the fact that Christians committed the crimes later that brought this concept into being and that those SAME Christians are now, well after the fact, insisting that the Turks "did it too", should be all you would normally need to see this issue clearly, instead of through a glass darkly...a glass made dark by years of "testimony" by our Christians that any dead and murdered Christian anywhere, so long as his murderer is a Muslim, even if only in name, is PROOF of matrtyrdom and now, of genocide too.


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