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Re: Was the infamous John Joseph trained with CIA fundsf?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, April 15 2007, 1:15:07 (CEST)
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....nothing shows better how Dr Joseph is correct than by the tortuous methods you use to "discredit" his simple observations, by attacking the man himself and steering clear of his`s an old trick...Aprim and Maggie all over set out to imply there must be something nefarious in whatever is said contrary to what you like to think about yourself and your illustrious wonder you people are such clowns....once again, stick to the point...the issue is: Is there any valid evidence proving Nestorians thought of themselves as Assyrians BEFORE 1800 people have half the problem solved, for you have no trouble seeing the "truth", with no CIA involvement, that modern Chaldeans were fooled into thinking they are lineal descendants of the ancient Chaldeans...what shocks you is how easy it is, since you show the way yourself and do half the work for Dr Joseph, of proving that you too were fooled by other Europeans into thinking you are modern Assyrians....does it get any more plain than that?


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