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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 1:27:28 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>The same sorts of accusations are now being leveled against the Kurds as were recently aimed at Iraqi Muslims and the government. We’re being told, this time around, that it is Kurds who want to “deny the assyrian heritage”…we hear they “deny us rights”…that “they are trying to buy us with our own money”…we’re accusing them of referring to us only as “Kurdish Christians” we accused Iraq of the same just a few years ago. There are even reports of “confiscation of land…of whole villages”…just as was claimed before. I’m surprised that old bugaboo about “Women kidnapped” hasn’t popped up…maybe it will.
>In Zindalite’s own pages this week there’s an article I first read elsewhere that discusses new villages being built for our refugees from the south…a Christian mentions that they have to build a church next…meanwhile Aprim is at his old stand cursing Assyrians who accept “dirty” money from Kurds…demanding they hold out for his help…meanwhile they can just starve, with dignity.
>It’s déjà vu all over again…and again.

We been lied to all along. Just as I was always told not hang around with Muslims, they hate Jesus(pbuh), they are evil and killers. Turned out to be all lies. How can a Muslim who is not only to know his deen but to be willing to call others to Allah be horrible to others? People would be scared to even ask a question about Islam if that were the case. I went up to Muslims asking questions after I became a Muslim and never had one that was horrible to me or where I wasn't able to ask something. There were those who weren't a good example of their teachings and of course why ask someone who isn't even really Muslim? It's like asking a kkk member about Black people or Jews. So the same goes for all the other lies. Something happens to an Assyrian, wether it was accidental or there was a whole different story to it, we just hear "Moslem killed a Christian". That is the same thing with all the so called persecution stories and everything else. If they really wanted to couldn't they have wiped out every Assyrian Christian or whatever else? why leave a group of ppl alive so they could cause problems and tell their stories? Of course the truth is that it never happened apart from a few rare individuals which can happen anywhere in the world. But over all, there were no problems for the Assyrian Christians in Iraq and throughout the entire Islamic era.

Yes 1915 was horrible that some Assyrians died but it wasn't as a result of religion or ethnicity but rather political and a reaction to our own back stabbing. Same with 1933 in Semele to refer to that as a genocide is pathedic. Of course it's a tragedy that some people died but 300 people is not a genocide and again it was not religously or ethnically motivaded. Now we have the Kurds whom I personally never been a big fan of but even they are not doing anything unusual. They have not denied others the right to live under their controlled area but they will not tolerate what the Assyrians want. For them, the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac nation has always been 3 different people who do not see eye to eye. So, technically Kurds are not at fault for not recognizing Assyrian Christians as a nation since they don't see themselves as one. We have a nation which is runned by church priests and leaders and the people just follow blindly. You have a nation which claims to be an ethnic community yet a part of it calls itself "Kurds" another part calls itself "Arabs", "Chaldeans" "Suryanis" "Assyrians" and whatever else they pick. All of them are seperate church denominations and none of them see eye to eye. There comes along brother Pancho who is not a Christian, then we have pleanty more Muslims(I included) and I guess we are not invited to the party.

Had they said we are a people who love our heritage and welcome anybody, they wouldn't be in a low embarrassing position of having to beg Maronites from Lebanon and Chaldeans who do not want to be Assyrians in having to Assyrianize them, but they would rather see millions of Iraqis of various faiths and beliefs coming together as a nation. That is the only way this so called "Assyrian" nation can avoid going down the drain is by stopping this denomination or requirement of church. These priests and bishops are not represantatives of the ancient Assyrian nor their descendants but they represent their own religious institutions. They shouldn't have any power since they don't know anything about Assyria nor do they care for it, but they rather care about their individual denominations. Otherwise, this kind of nation is headed down the drain and it hasn't gone anywhere in this world.


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