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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Sunday, August 10 2014, 4:34:20 (UTC)
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I do not have Netflix, but my good friend does. I will see if I can watch this movie in the coming days. Thanks for the recommendation!

Marcello wrote:
>You're welcome, Jeffrey. Hamas was enabled by Mossad to drive a wedge between the secular Marxist-Leninist Palestinian groups like PFLP, DFLP, Al-Fatah, and of course, PLO and other various secular Marxist groups. Just as the West used the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) out of which Hamas is derived, to break up Nasser's secular Arab nationalism, Mossad used Hamas to disunite the Palestinian unity. The same thing happened in Iran. The Shah, with the help of SAVAK, Mossad and MI6, went after the Marxists, arresting them, torturing them, executing them, blowing up their meeting places... Meanwhile, the
>weekly gathering on Jumu'ah (Friday prayers) were left unmolested, and each Friday after prayers, political plans were conducted, organized and executed. In Iran's case, there were small groups of youths who formed guerilla bands, as the vanguard of the revolution. The Khomeini faction used them as shock troops, then when the Shah left, they went after the said groups and executed them, or imprisoned them in the famous torture chambers of Evin Prison. Many of them (The Tudeh Party) went on TV and renounced communism, similar to the Stalinist show trials. In my opinion, politics is a chess match played by ideological pimps, in which the pawns are the poor day to day people trying to survive -- just as prostitutes. But in the Realpolik case of power, it is the innocent who get the bullet in the head; meanwhile, the leaders, be it Ismail Haniyeh or Khaled Mashal of Hamas, or the leaders of the Israeli power machine of death and destruction, remain alive... and bold... since it's not their mothers, children, brothers, sister, grandparents, friends who get blown to pieces. There are no "heroes" in this massacre, only murderers and the murdered. As time passes, and the brainwashing of groupthink fades, the Israelis (and Palestinians) will come to their senses... or not.
>p.s. If you have Netflix watch the film, "Bethlehem", it'a streaming right now. A wonderful film about the relationship of a young 15-year-old Palestinian collaborator who's relationship with his Shin Bet (Shabak) handler is bittersweet. I won't say much more... hope you watch it.


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