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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 9:04:07 (UTC)
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There is much mystery to the Malcolm X assassination but I do know that the FBI and NOI both wanted him dead but perhaps for different reasons. Imam Warith Deen Muhammad(son of Elijah who ended the old NOI and moved them to mainstream Islam) loved Malcolm and he was the one who warned him about the first assassination attempt and faced much punishment from his dead. I used to attend his mosque in Atlanta for a while and prayed behind him many times. I and along with some of my curious friends would actually sit on the floor and talk to him. Although he rejects his dad's teachings fully, he wouldn't talk badly of Farrakhan nor the NOI. I saw others within his community speak very badly of them but Warith wouldn't. When we talked about the Malcom case, he actually said Farrakhan is not so tough in reality. He a great speaker and all but in those days he was sort of a wimp and soft.

I don't know if Farrakhan directly was involved or not but I am convinced he had some influence in at least since he made many bad comments about Malcolm after his death. I don't believe that the NOI wanted him dead more than the FBI and the claim that they feared him because he left them and became a Sunni is just the cover up. Many Blacks were going to Hajj and were fully aware of Islam and much of the charges against the NOI beliefs are lies, propaganda and misconceptions. I loved Malcolm and always will. I don't know what to believe about Farrakhan's involvement in the assassination but I still have my suspicions against him still. I respect him for everything else he does and he is no doubt a defender of colored people and all minorities in general but I wish and hope he didn't kill Malcolm.

There is a popular claim made that Warrith Deen had brought Louis to Chicago so he could help him lead after his father's death but that is a lie. Elijah Muhammad had some pretty big boys in his group and Warrith said that one of NOI leader in NYC wanted to whip Louis' ass so he actually fled to Chicago and took refuge with Warrith. The NOI was ended and then few years later Louis started it back up. There are actually 2 groups both claiming to be NOI and the one under Farrakhan is actually much more Sunni than the other.


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