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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 12:26:17 (UTC)
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any time somone is accused by the media or by any Christian or any Israeli of being anti-Semetic, I withold judgement...just as Ahmadinejad is mis-quoted, I think Farrakhan was too. Besidesm when there is so much accepted and acceptable anti-Islamic garbage in the media and on peopleīs lips, why the fuck canīt there also be anti-Jew remarks? You either condemn all such slurs or theyīre all equally okay...the Nazis didnīt just despise Jews...their hatred took in many others...for us now to induklge ourselves in anti-Muslim sentiments while at the same time pretending to be holy-holy towards the jews, whom we and not Islam butchered, is hypocritical to say the least.

Despising Zionism is no different than hating Communism or any other political theory while not hating the religion or people whoi profess that system....Zionism is indeed hateful, but not Jews as the same time you have to allow that considering what Christians DID to Jews, as what they are now doing to Muslims, would almost demand that whoever rises up to fight back, is going to damn well need to be EXTREME...extremely courageous, extrememly dedicated, extremely focused and extremeley ready to use ANY MEANS reality Christians gave rise to they are responsible for any "radical" Muslims out there. There was no need for the one, without the other.

If I find Zionism intolerable, as I do, then I still have to remember NOT to blame Jews, as Christians would wan tme to, but rather the people who forced Jews into such a corner where they had no choice but to develop an ideology which could steel their nerves to fight back, against such odds and such cruel and persistent mistreatment as Jews have suffered at the hands of Christians for 2000 years and counting....because Christians have not let up yet...but rather have expanded their depredations to now include Islam as well. In the face of so much hatred and wanton cruelty who would NOT become extreme?


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