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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 5:09:37 (UTC)
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Yeah I usually use a container since most my friends already have them in the bathroom. I don't take number 2s in public bathrooms and at home I either take a shower again or wash up if I am in the hurry. There are somethings from Islam which I just can't take out of me. I still gotta eat halal meat, I still wash up like Muslims, I still wear those colognes(oils), I still sit down when I eat, and if I have to stand to urinate in public toilets, I wipe my jeans off with wet hands. I just can't see the crime in that and how Christians would rather step in piss and walk around with piss stains on them.

This is nationalist that used to write on here tried to attack me for that. He couldn't find anything horrible about Islam whereas I found plenty on Christianity such as cannibalism, murder of innocent man, blood, etc. all he could say is Muslim men squat down like sissies when they piss, and he called me a fagot. That's all he could come up with against Islam.


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