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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 22:38:35 (UTC)
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I also admire Farrakhan for daring to speak truth to if you have to be perfect to get on the airwaves...when we have an ex-president who is a war criminal and writes it down in a book, and the next president who says he doesnīt want to reopen old wounds by seing justce done...I mean how about a rapist telling the judge he should drop the charges because the "old wound" of the rape he committed might be too much for his victim?

Even if a rape victim should ecide not to press charges, the State is obligated to do so for OUR safety, if nothing else. It isnīt good for society to have rapists walking it isnīt good for our planet to allow war criminals to go free because of the "inconvenience" ofseeing justice done...who gives a shit about Bush really...the issue is to make war criminals a "deteren"t, remember? We execute poor people as a warning NOT to kill! Not a warnign to them, theyīre dead already...but as a warning to the next guy thinking of least thatīs what it says on our brochure. How about the next war criminal?

My only objection to Farrakhan is Iīm not convinced he wasnīt involved in Malcolmīs murder....if true then I would prefer the Black man who renounced Elijah Muhammad to the Black man who still speaks in his name...but, other than that, Iīm pleased there is at least one such Black man left alive today.


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