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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 22:30:25 (UTC)
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pancho wrote:

>In the face of so much hatred and wanton cruelty who would NOT become extreme?

I think these people will turn a chicken, who are harmless, into a lion and then say "see what they do?". They don't take into consideration that those "see what they do" people have been pushed to that level. The nation of Islam came about in a very bad time for Black people. It wasn't that Elijah Muhammad was so bad or evil but he was using reverse psychology. It's not he was claiming to be a messenger like Muhammad of Arabia nor was it that he was claiming God is Black but he was trying to strengthen the Black man when he had been taught that Jesus the cracker was god. So they needed someone like that. He said himself in one of his lectures, and I seen it on youtube: "if you want religion, I am not teaching it. I am just trying to keep the Black man out of jail". This Elijah was a lot more and a lot wiser than he is made to be.

I asked Warrith(his son) why they used to fast in December instead of doing it with the rest of the Ummah and he told me that Elijah was actually trying to prepare his people for Islam but and was trying to break them away from Christmas. So they used to fast in December while Christians were celebrating xmas. They also used to go to mosque on Sunday and it was for the same reason. When they had matured enough, they changed it to the regular Islamic way. This was the same thing during the early days of Islam. the no alcohol rule didn't come over night. Muslims were first told not to approach your prayers while drunk so this prepared them. It was years later that it became prohibited all together. Same with prayers and how it used to be 2 times a day and changed to 5 later. It was a process and a game plan which Elijah also did.

Shortly before Elijah died, he was giving a speech in front of his audience and there was a White guy present. Elijah told his followers to look up there and they did. He said "look up there, that's a White man and a Muslim. He is your brother". Why doesn't the media or biography tell us about that? And I agree, why is is being anti-Jewish(not that Farrakhan is) acceptable while being anti-Muslim is allowed. Do we see Muslims flushing Bible down the toilet like the way Christians do with Quran and especially at guantanamo bay? it's acceptable to be racist and prejudice as long as it's against certain people.

I still laugh at White people who say NOI are crazy, racist and violent. They don't carry weapons, they condemn all violence no matter in which country and they have no violent record in the 80 years they been in business. They teach Black people to not depend on welfare, govt etc. they teach them to stay off drugs(which they do a good job at) get them jobs, education etc. If these are racists, I am on that list too. They may use militant style of speech and make remarks that can be taken as racist toward Whites, especially if you're the type that can't read between the lines(which i can), but they are no where near the level of White racists. They have been compared and equivalent to the KKK just as Nazis have become equal with Muslims even though were xtian, but when did Muslims murder millions of Jews or when has Farrakhan worn White sheets and hung White people on trees?

No comparison at all and nobody comes close to White people. Again, nobody has done what whites have and still do so they are still the devil haha. Oh yeah and they smell very nasty because they don't take showers and don't know how to urine correctly. Pancho, remember when minime called me and all Muslim men fagots because we don't prefer to stand up when we piss? Its seems to me that Americans smell like urine, and that includes my managers at work and I believe it is because they piss on them selves and don't clean themselves properly. One of the new Iraqi family I met(they have a beautiful daughter which keeps looking at me) were stunned when they find out Americans don't wash their asses and genitals after bathroom usage. They were absolutely shocked. They asked me how these people landed on the moon, have education, technology etc, yet lack basic understanding. The same is true for Europeans and I lived among them. I don't miss their funky smell of not taking a shower for 2 weeks and wearing the same clothes for many days. Disgusting people yet they wanna teach us civilization and success!


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