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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 0:02:22 (UTC)
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Rashad, I also sit when I urinate (unless the seat is dirty). And when I have to relieve myself - again, the seat must be immaculate - I use an extensive amount of toilet paper - until there's no evidence - after which, I use soap and water from "aftabeh", and then of course, washing the hands three times with soap and nail brushes. When I was a kid, my pops used to tell me, "don't flush, you're Muslim grandmother's Birthday is coming up"..

The funny thing is that my pops is the one who instructed me in using the aftabeh.. and I'd always joke about it when we'd travel... seeing him with keys in one hand, aftabeh, in the other.

In Iran, he had his friend install a bidet in our aprartment's bathroom.

I freaked out when I came to the US, cause I was so used to the bidet, that I've been fired from jobs, suspended from school and so on.. My cousins used to laugh at me and my brother because everytime we had to go to the bathroom, we had to take a shower afterwards... such an ordeal. So, yeah, here in the US, my pops began to instruct us.... and reluctantly... I finally gave in to the aftabeh.... it takes too long to shower each time you got to go, no?


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