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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, July 4 2011, 20:57:03 (UTC)
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I don't understand why gays would want to be part of any religion when all of them condemn homosexuality. Gays are smart and brave enough to follow through with their lifestyle which condemned by the majority of people yet they would wanna be part of religion. I would say fuck religion instead. But I think most gays are sincere believers and the only reason some of them dislike religion is because it doesn't accept them. It's kind of the same with drinkers, drug users etc. They will complain and say they are atheists etc, but when you ask them why they left religion, they will use those excuses. In other words, if religion tolerated their actions, they would still believe in those silly things from thousands of years ago.

It's kind of like Assyrians and how some of them switch denominations and the many who have become evangelical now because they saw better financial rewards and benefits. The only reason they leave their former religion, or I should say denomination, is because out of anger or displeasure. That is how the modern Chaldean community was formed some 500 years ago because of a church dispute between Nestorian monks. That's why the "Assyrians" always say that modern Chaldeans were one of them and changed denominations and allowed Rome to give them a new name.

We have a lot of gays in Atlanta and most of them are actually religious and Christians for the most part. I don't get why they would wanna be part of that but oh well. It is what it is and more power to them.


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