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Re: Why Parade Your Hypocrisy?
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Monday, December 31 2007, 22:12:44 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>This is the first sentence on screechassyria's homepage:
>"This forum is dedicated to all those Assyrians who want to meet in a neutral and democratic space to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and generate a dialogue related to building a new Assyria, without the fear of being banned, deleted, edited, and branded for your opinions".
>..why bother to put something like this up when they must have known along it wasn't true?

It's just for commercial and all such web sites make such claims and they turn out to be exactly the opposite. The craziest thing of all is that it is such people who want an independent "Assyria" and not full recognition and rights but rather an independent country. If they can't even rub a web site, what kind of a nation would they run? By the way, do these people really know the correct meanings of the words they use. They use words like "persecution" "oppression" "democracy" "genocide" "martyrdom" etc. They use such defintions without even understanding them and end up be taken as a joke by the normal world. I have browsed Assyrian web sites from around the world and so called political movements and almost all are unheard of yet they demand "independance". One of such web sites was so absurd that it had a section where it said "what do we want" and I clicked on it and it was talking about an independent "Assyria". I couldn't stop laughing so hard that it made my chest hurt, okay maybe I am exaggerating a little but I laughed. Seriously do these people really expect to be taken serious with the defintions they use and their funny demands.


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