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Re: Why Parade Your Hypocrisy?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, January 1 2008, 21:22:29 (CET)
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JUMBLAT wrote:
>Pancho wrote :
>" .....without the fear of being banned, deleted, edited, and branded for your opinions".
>REPLY >>>
>Are you serious ?! because you make fun of people and never respect others opinion, but YOURS and your Professor JJ the magnificent ! this the kind of "Assyrian Warrior" you are? You leave because you are made "fun" of? Don't you see how you make fun of YOURSELF..make a joke of your assyrian claims? All you have a right to expect from the world, or democracy, or free speech is the opportunity to express yourself freely. Where did you ever get the idea that along with such freedom must come protection? Or even "respect"? Why can't you maintain your own respect? Why is it a pre-condition for you, before you "fight" in the world for your "rights" that you must be...MUST BE respected first? So that you can say whatever foolish thing you want but you MUST be respected for it??? Are you serious? Aren't YOU making fun of yourself by believing such a thing?

...where did you get such a ridiculous which by itself is so damn funny...and which YOU introduce? It's like you go out in the world making fun of YOURSELF and then get mad at everyone else for joining in with YOU to make fun of YOU!

..we show people the greatest respect of all by promising them they will be FREE to write whatever they want...THAT is freedom and the best way of showing respect. The other forums don't offer that...they promise to CENSOR, BAN and DELETE, but since they favor YOU and protect come away thinking you were NOT insulted by their childish attempts to protect what can only remain CHILDREN in their heads and emotions. When will you ever learn to be able to stand up to anything...anything the world can dish out. As you look around the world at the conflicts and wars and battles do you see people "resoecting" each other? I mean when they're on opposing sides and not cousins? You're so damn ill-equipped for anything real...except to write "Qurd" as "Q---D! THAT isn't "making fun" of YOURSELF?

...we respect people here...repect them enough to give them the very core and basis of what free speech is...which is NOT "protection" but the right to express yourself AND take the adults do in the real world and not in this nursery of an assyria you boys play in.

...we've answered and asked you questions with great less than you throw at people you disagree with.

...but thanks. You do our work for us...always.

...hypocrisy is saying one thing but doing another. We don't make any promises and guarantees in writing on our home page...but the REALITY is that we allow you and anyone else to say whatever they want here...even to "insulting" me or anyone else....because we don't get insulted...can't be. We understand that to do so and use that as an excuse to run or disengage is the greatest insult of all when we USE it. Every single post you've placed has been answered with the emphasis being on the issues...we have NEVER skipped your points just to insult you...but, what YOU call an "insult" or "disrespect" includes ANY counter-argument, especially if it leaves you speechless, or exhausted, or appearing foolish...since YOU feel foolish you think WE made you look that way....sigh.

We say "free speech"...for you AND me...not just you. And you get exactly the kind of freedom we peomise...which is the freedom to say whatever you want...that's ALL we promise and all we ever we aren'tr hypocritical at all. It is YOUR insistence that you must be "respected", no matter how foolish you come across....we don't make any such promise to baby-sit your tender emotions or your fragile sense of self-worth...we leave that up to you.

We deliver exactly what we peomise...Maggie Yonan doesn't...and neither do any of the others in assyria. Stcik to the point; my original post said nothing about not making fun of you...only that we allow YOU to make fun of yourself, if that's the best you can do.


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